What to Wear

We have two outfits, one for outdoor concerts and one for indoor concerts:

Indoor Concert Attire


  • Black dress slacks, no jeans

  • Black shoes, no sneakers

  • Black socks

  • Solid black long tie, or wear a black jacket you don't wear a black tie

  • Black long-sleeve dress shirt with button-down or spread collar

  • No shiny elements


  • Black dress slacks (no jeans) preferred but a black long skirt (mid-calf or longer) is okay

  • Black top (elbow length or longer sleeves - wrist length preferred)

  • Or, a black dress with length and sleeves as noted above

  • Black hose and black shoes (dress flats, pumps or heels), no sneakers

  • No shiny elements

Outdoor Concert Attire

  • Black pants or skirt, no jeans

  • Black shoes (no sneakers) and black socks

  • White polo shirt with Band logo

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