The Richardson Community Brass Band was formed about 1915 or 1916. This organization became an important part of the community's social life. If a member missed a practice and just wanted to play a little while, he would always go over to the barbershop. Newt Harris, the town barber, loved music and was instrumental in organizing the band. There was a bandstand in the vicinity of East Main and McKinney which attracted folks from all around.

The Richardson Community Band was disbanded during both World Wars I & II. In 1970, Joe Frank, director of the Richardson High School Band, reorganized the band and it has been an active part of the community ever since.

Today, the Richardson Community Band is a 60 member, all-volunteer adult group comprised of musicians from beginners to those with over 40 years experience. The band’s roster includes teachers, business owners, executives, retirees, and college students to name a few.

The band has been under the direction of Robin Owens since 2017.


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